Moving forward with Wilton HELP!

During the last three months it has been established that Wilton Town Council, whilst supporting the work of Wilton HELP! are unable to facilitate this project in house within their staffing circumstances.

The people of Wilton in survey advised that they would like this scheme to continue, and that the legacy of Wilton HELP! was important to them. As a result Wilton HELP! has moved to become a Community Interest Company. This means that it is able to fundraise to support the community efforts, support volunteers, and faciliate the aims of Wilton HELP!

Wilton HELP! Community Interest Company is a special form of a non charitable limited company. It exists primarily to benefit a community and pursue social purpose. It cannot make profit for shareholders.

Wilton HELP! has now been offered 50% of the funding requested from the Wilton Town Council, and this will enable the scheme to start to transition from Wilton Town Council to the Wilton HELP! Community Interest Company.

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