What’s next for Wilton HELP!?

Wilton HELP! received wonderful ideas from their volunteers and from the public via facebook and some in person when exploring some of these ideas more. These thoughts have been invaluable, and have been progressed and explored further. The projects arising from this have now been shared at a volunteer event. There was very positive feedback and it was also very wonderful and exciting to have offers of help in many ways which is extremely encouraging. So thank you to everyone.

We realise that it wasn’t easy for everyone who has volunteered to come to this event on a really rather rainy Sunday afternoon, and are pleased to be able to share this exciting information with all, accessible in the comfort of ones own home. So, we invite you to enjoy a cuppa tea, perhaps a biscuit (or two, there is quite a bit of information) and peruse everything here [PDF].

If you have thoughts you would like to share with us, or could provide any project with any help, whether big or small, please do let us know at